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Action Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public Administration                 A Tool for Complex Times

Action Research

Short video describing considerations for those writing action research dissertations as to how merge AR with standard research logic.

AR for Personal Use

The three steps of action research (discovery, measurable action, and reflection) make it the perfect tool or process for anyone who wants to reinvent their lives.  We have experience from moving internationally, changing careers, starting a journey to optimal health, etc.

AR for Business

Action Research is the perfect tool for business, nonprofits and public administration in complex times of change.  The process allows staff to build change in ways that work from all levels within the organization, helping employers get the most out of their staff as employees get the most out of their work.  We have experience facilitating AR for change in short, targeting projects in many industries.

AR for Education

Action research allows the solo educator to study and improve their own practice.  Participatory action research allows teams of people, even across diverse geographic areas, to institute long term systemic change.  We have experience leading this type of longitudinal change in support of the most at-risk populations of students across 20+ states in the US.


Action Research for Everything

Latest Articles & News

  • Alana Speaks on Action Research
    This video was shot for a class of doctoral students using our new book: James, E. A., Slater, T., & Bucknam, A. (2012). Action research for business, non-profits and public administration : A tool for complex times. Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: Sage Publishing. We are also excited to begin consulting with a group of educators in the United States who want to use action research to build sustainability into their education reform efforts.
  • Action Research Reporting: Is Your Project Valid, Credible or Reliable?
    Action Research Reporting: Is Your Project Valid, Credible or Reliable? At the end of your action research project, or even as a formative assessment halfway through, you will need to go back over your data and analyze what you have really done. This article is the last of five that outline the process for analyzing research, and analyzing action research and reporting them. Analysis and reporting are an alchemical processes through which the researcher looks carefully at all they have done and a completely new version of what happened emerges from that reflection. Whether and to what extent that new embodiment of the work is convincing or important to others has a great deal to do with how deeply you can justify whether or not your work is valid, credible, or reliable to others. This article is the last in a series of five which takes you through both reflecting upon your project, and then what is needed in reporting…
  • Writing up Action Research for Dissertations Or Other Forms of Publication
    Doctoral students who choose to use action research as the methodology for their dissertation may find that, depending upon the academic environment in which they work and its relative degree of conservativism, they may have to translate one research paradigm to meet the needs or standards of another. This article addresses that situation while also suggesting (because of a meta-analysis on which I am currently working) that all action researchers consider the same challenges when writing for publication. Having worked in and around the problems inherent in clear discussion of methodology across academic silos for many years I can easily say it is not difficult to bridge what other people may consider divides or gaps between AR and the rest of the research communities. The outcomes of creating these bridges should be a wider acceptance and respect for AR in all fields and, more importantly from AR's point of view,…


Personal: Action Research for personal motivation.


Success: Woman’s success guide.


Change: Action research to aid positive change.

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Future: Action research can improve the future of education.


Practices: Improving reflective practices.


Analyze: Analyze your action research.

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Business: Action research for business, help your staff become even more useful to your company.


Training: Action Research as a Training Process.

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The AR steps made the weight loss process easy and simple. I helped me to dig in and find more information about weight loss, why do people not lose weight, and how can I make this happen for myself. In just a few weeks it seemed it seemed like I was successful. - Luanne Etimani

I would encourage others to look for healthier options for a healthier life style. The reason for this is. People that are overweight have more health problems and a person who is at ideal weight. The risks of overweight are cancer, diabetes, stroke heart problems. With the use of Action Research has helped me to change my life style through the use of research. Action research is just a tool to make permanent changes by small steps. This is the best way to make changes and make changes permanent. - Luanne Etimani

Dynamic, Motivating, and Powerful.....Prof James leaves you begging for more as she teaches you the power of action research through experience and practice.  Her teaching style is empowering and leaves you addicted to a process of action learning!" - Barb Carter, MSCJ, CADCIIDoctoral Candidate

About Us

This website supports the writing and consulting work of E. Alana James, Ed.D., Tracesea Slater, and Alan Bucknam.  Together we write books on action research and support individuals, businesses, nonprofits, public administration and schools implement action research as a process for positive change and sustainable action.

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